Friday, December 12, 2008

Send Sympathy Funeral Condolences Flower Stand to Xiao En Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Send funeral sympathy condolences flower to Xiao En Centre, let us assist you on this. Our experienced florist can assist you to design an unique floral stand to express your sympathy to the bereaved family. Contact no: +603.7987 9028 Fax: +603.7987 9027 or call our operation director Mr YS Leong at +6012.227 5700 for immediate assistance.

Or Visit our website:

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We open daily from 9am till 8pm. Our team is famous with the uniquely designed floral stand which can express your love and care to the bereaved family. We also make delivery to all areas within Klang Valley, Malaysia while provide 2 hours express delivery in KL, PJ & Subang. (To subscript to this service, one must call before placing your order. Order will be accepted based on availability of flowers choices, manpower on the delivery team and available from Monday till Friday, from 10am - 4pm. Call +6012.227 5700 now to know more)

Be it a small flower bouquet, a comprehensive casket spray, a floral tribute, heart-shape arrangement, cross arrangement, photo enlargement or venue fresh flowers deco and etc. our team is ready to offer our best.........

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Send Sympathy Condolences Flower to Nirvana Memorial Center, Malaysia

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Need to send sympathy condolences funeral flower to Nirvana Memorial Center, wait no more, let our Team based in the showroom to assist you on this. We have a showroom located on the Ground Floor of Nirvana Memorial Center. Contact no: +603.7987 9028 Fax: +603.7987 9027 or call our operation director Mr YS Leong at +6012.227 5700 for immediate assistance.

Or Visit our website:

The showroom opens daily from 9am till 8pm. We do cater for very last minute order and will offer to check on more details when need arises. We also make delivery to all areas within Klang Valley, Malaysia while provide 2 hours express delivery in KL, PJ & Subang. (To subscript to this service, one must call before placing your order. Order will be accepted based on availability of flowers choices, manpower on the delivery team and available from Monday till Friday, from 10am - 4pm. Call +6012.227 5700 now to know more)

Monday, December 01, 2008

What do you have in mind for this coming Christmas?

This coming Christmas, be it flowers

Evergreen hamper

or more personalise gift pack, like wine & chocolate tray.....

Let our team help you to send your Christmas love to your love one in all major towns, Malaysia.....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Send Flowers to Prince Court Medical Centre, Jalan Tun Razak, KL

The new PCMC Eye & Lasik Centre is celebrating grand launching on the 8th November 2008, Saturday morning.

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Browse our Grand Opening flower stand selection and place your order online or call us now at +6012.2275700. We provide FREE delivery to this venue. See below some sample photo of flower stands:-

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Malaysia Deepavali Hamper Selection

Deepavali hamper are available for order now! Please your order early to avoid disappointment.

Browse our online store to check out our Deepavali hamper selection this year>> provide same day deepavali hamper delivery to all major areas in Klang Valley, Malaysia. We can also assist to arrange for delivery to all major town in Malaysia via courier service. Delivery to Singapore also possible with our extensive network of business associates. Call us today +6012.2275700

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Malaysia Online Florist - The Challenge

Having been in the Malaysia online florist industry since 2006, has been talk of the town for it's product and service. Our aim is to provide great product and customer service beyond client's expectation.

Online advertising is always a challenge for us. Other than investing money for the advertising campaign, one should work hard to improve your online present by using the correct keywords, targeting the correct group of online buyer and etc. It's all about SEO.

Came across a news about the South Korean prosecutors have arrested a florist for pruning his rivals’ business by clicking repeatedly on their online advertisements. Read more on the news - Cheating florist nipped in the bud Here>> on the other hand focus on targeting the niche market. Malaysia flowers' market is growing and customer's expectation for Malaysia online florist is high. We have been the leader in providing best customer service to customer to experience great online shopping funs. For example, some malaysia online florist will not entertain order by phone or inquiry by phone, and this can cause a great inconvenient for those who is always on the move and wishes to get things done in the shortest time and enjoy more personal customer service.

We also provide 2 Hours Express Delivery Service for those in real rush. This express flowers delivery service is available daily in KL, PJ & Subang, Malaysia. Where same day delivery service is available at most Malaysia's major town and areas for order received before noon from Monday till Friday.

Wish to learn more on our service, feel free to drop us a line at +6012.2275700 or +603.79879028 or via email to

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tulips is available TODAY - 06 OCT 2008

There are fresh tulips available for delivery in Kuala Lumpur, Subang, Petaling Jaya, Cheras, Puchong and etc. Colours available are Purple, Red, Pink, White, Orange & Yellow. Order one TODAY >> provide same day delivery within Klang Valley, Malaysia while if you are in rush, check out our 2 Hours express delivery service within KL, PJ & Subang. Delivery fresh tulips in Malaysia since 1999, we have been the first choice local Malaysia Flower Shop for Tulips delivery in Malaysia. Call us TODAY - +6012.2275700 or +603.79879028

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Flower Card Message in Chinese - Sympathy & Condolences

您永远都是我们最慈祥的 X X X
您永远都是我们最伟大的 X X X






Friday, September 05, 2008

Customer Expectation

Being in the industry for years, our mission is always to provide excellence product and services beyond customer expectation. And we do keep our words. But at times, there are customers that you really couldn't think of a way to please them.

ie. a customer order a hand bouquet of blue roses online around 7pm and payment is made. As the order is for next day delivery while blue roses is not available, we tried to contact the customer via phone but can't reach, then we sent an email to him. Luckily he reply our email very fast telling us that he is currently at work and the mobile is off. He said that he understand from our website that "Blue roses need time to prepare. Order must be confirmed by phone or we reserve the rights to replace with other colour if Blue roses are unavailable" and he is open to let us choose what the next best available colour to replace.

We have chosen beautiful two tone orange roses imported from India and arrange for delivery the very next morning. The customer sent us a thank you email on our service, as he didn't expect us to contact him on the colour change as he didn't call to confirm as stated as clause on our online store. He is very pleased and happy with our colour choice and he is now our regular client.

On the other hand, there is time where customer didn't read on the store policy, or if they have read, they just couldn't care less. ie. Customer called to check whether we can arrange for a inter-state delivery, after confirming the address is under serviceable area, she ask about how are we going to deliver, we inform her that this will be fulfill by our business partner florist and they will design the flower based on our design while depends on the flower type and colour availability there.

This customer is not stopping there, she said in that case are we saying that we can't guarantee the similarity of our product. She told us that this is a no guarantee deal!!!! Our customer service team replied her that in the florist industry, we are all dealing with fresh flower and this is dealing with availability, thus there is always times that particular flower type and colour is not available, the flower stand design is changed, or the ribbon colour is changed.

While placing order, you can put in request that you are very particular in certain flower type and colour or even the ribbon, accessories used on that particular product, and if we really can't fulfill, we will not accept your order. But if you confirm your order with payment, and didn't put any extra remarks, then our florist team will try their very best to arrange the product based on the design to the closes possible.

This is stated in all online flower website, our clause is listed under store policy here >> and one should understand and accept the terms and conditions before placing an order. This is a common practice of the industries but as we always try our very best to inform customer on the changes should time permits.

TIPS: In any case, should a florist promise you they can do the design of your order 100% the same with the photo shown, you better not take their words, as we are dealing with fresh flowers and these is based on the seasonal and regional availability. Remember, florist is not printers, we hand arrange all our products and not reproduce it by photocopy..............................

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mohd Amril - Blacklist Online Shoper

Name: mohd amril
Phone: 0176935503
Address 1: 151 Jalan Rahman 3
City: Taman Tun Dr Ismail
State: Kuala Lumpur
Postal Code: 60000
Customer Email:
IP Address:
IP Location from
IP Address Lookup Country: UNITED STATES (US)
City: (Unknown city)
Order Date: 21-May-2008 12:14:31 PM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Delores Ingram - Blacklist Online Shopper

Delores Ingram
Address 1:
40 Farrow Circle
Postal Code:
Customer Email:
IP Address:
IP Location from
IP Address Lookup Country: NIGERIA (NG)
City: (Unknown city)
Shopping Date: 13-May-2008 9:07:13 AM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funeral Flowers

Sometime decease's family will ask me whether is it suitable for them, say the Children and Grand Children and etc. to order flower for the decease.

Well, why not? They said that some old relative or family members told them that Sons & Daughters should not buy flowers for their late parents. No, as far as I know, there is no such believe. On the other hand, I will say flowers play a very important part in a funeral ceremony.

Have you ever attend a funeral service be it at resident home, funeral parlour or at church, you see no flower, only those attenties and the coffin, of course also those service team and Pastor or monk.

Try compare the above situation with this, you reach the wake service of the bereaved family, beautiful flowers stand neatly arrange by the door step, when you enter the room to pay your last respect, you see beautiful flowers surrounding the deceased photo, table flowers, a huge and nice casket spray with fresh flowers surrounding the

casket, the rooms was filled with great scent from the lilies, roses, mathiola, tuberoses ..............

Friday, February 01, 2008

The air is filled with love...................

Check out our Valentine flowers and gifts selection here>>

Want more cost effective gift ideas? Why not choose her favorite flowers other than Roses? Lily, Gerberas or Mixed flowers bouquet will be a great choice. You can also send her little bouquet come with a cute plush toys or Chocolate.

Last but not lease, send her your personal gifts, say a scarf, perfume oil, or a cute hand phone cover. As for him, send a name engraved pen, an electric razor, wallet and lots more, you should know what he or she like ...... :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Festive Hampers & Flowers on Sales NOW!!!

Be the first to take advantage of this year's Lunar Celebrations Sales! Check-out our hampers & flowers collections & remember to place your order soon or it will no be able to reach your recipient in time.

Not forget to take this great opportunity to thank all of you who have extended your utmost support and feedback to keep us continue to improve and to maintain as leaders for the online florist industries. Well, we will take a short break to refresh and to come out with more new gift ideas and energy to bring you more surprises. Thus, there will be no delivery from 7th till 12th February 2008. Call +6012.2275700 should you need urgent assistance and feedback. Gong Xi Fa Cai ! ! !

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