Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funeral Flowers

Sometime decease's family will ask me whether is it suitable for them, say the Children and Grand Children and etc. to order flower for the decease.

Well, why not? They said that some old relative or family members told them that Sons & Daughters should not buy flowers for their late parents. No, as far as I know, there is no such believe. On the other hand, I will say flowers play a very important part in a funeral ceremony.

Have you ever attend a funeral service be it at resident home, funeral parlour or at church, you see no flower, only those attenties and the coffin, of course also those service team and Pastor or monk.

Try compare the above situation with this, you reach the wake service of the bereaved family, beautiful flowers stand neatly arrange by the door step, when you enter the room to pay your last respect, you see beautiful flowers surrounding the deceased photo, table flowers, a huge and nice casket spray with fresh flowers surrounding the

casket, the rooms was filled with great scent from the lilies, roses, mathiola, tuberoses ..............

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